Zilin Vinegar Industry

Since 2014, Shallpack has provided many labeling solutions to Zilin Vinegar Industry.
SL-5228, a double side labeling machine, has been upgraded and simplified by Shallpack’s engineer with over a decade experience. The structure became simple but reliable. All the unnecessary parts have been removed, rendering the operation easy.
SL-4318B is a machine developed for high speed (positioning) labeling for round bottles. Rotary infeeding, driven by highly precise cam indexer, with 8 working stations.
Servo motor drive realizes real closed loop controlling. The high accurately subdividing and the inside encoder guarantee the accurate labeling. The labeling head adopts the double press roller structure, which guarantees the label is pulled tightly but does not get broken easily. The separated clutch makes the tension even. 6 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station for wide adjustments. Within a few minutes, the adjustment for any kind of labeling can be finished. User-friendly operation system, with functions of operation data storage and error reminder. Easy to operate.
Over 95% of the mechanical components are fabricated by Shallpack. Details have been paid attention to, to ensure the labeling result.

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