Shallway Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shallpack), established in 1996, is the pioneer in Chinese labeling machinery industry. We have involved relentlessly with utmost sense of dedication, in the area of research and development, manufacturing, and maintaining labeling machines.
- 8,000 m2 modern factory.
- All mechanical components are fabricated in Shallpack with the advanced equipment such as laser cutting machine and CNC centers for accuracy.
- 15 technical patents.
- ISO 9001 management system is adopted, complying with GMP and CE standards.
- 1,000+ clients, including internationally reputed clients such as Avon, Amway, Beiersdorf, L’Oréal, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Uni-president...
Integrity: value of Shallpack
We consider each single client as a long-term cooperation partner, always treat you sincerely, and are dedicated to providing satisfactory equipment and services.
Shallpack provides professional suggestions corresponding to your projects, for your interest.

Machine Categories:
Hot melt glue labeling machines:
Rotary hot melt glue labeling machine: 2-PHR12A, 2-PHR18A, 2-PHR24A
Self-adhesive labeling machine:
Rotary labeling machine: SLP-60, SLP-80, SLP-200, SLP-250, SLP-350, SLP-400, SLP-450, SLP-600
Double side labeling machine: SL-5228, SL-6B, SL-6(CE certificate), SL-6A
Single side labeling machine: SL-5218 (Option: round container labeling device, square  container labeling device)
Big round bottle labeling machine: SL-4318, SL-4318B, SL-4318R (Star-wheel)
Big round bottle labeling machine: SL-4114 (fast, non-orienting)
Small round bottle labeling machine: SL-4214
Automatic lipstick bottom labeling machine: SL-5214S
Automatic tube labling machine: SLT-4118S
Horizontal tube labeling machine: SLT-4118SW
High speed tube labeling machine: SLT-4128S
Top & bottom labeling machine: SL-5324, SL-5224T
Top labeling machine without conveyor: SL-5314
Automatic flat labeling machine/ code printing labeling machine: SL-5314S, SP-5314S
Automatic folded case sorting & labeling machine: SL-5314SP
Automatic packaging machine: SC-100
Automatic liquid filling machine: SF-150
Automatic capping machine: SCR-150, SC-S60
Automatic container sorting machine: SCU-150
Shrink sleeve labeling machines:
Shrink sleeve labeling machine: SL-300